NOTICE 1/26/2019: I've just reaccessed the site after about three years away. Did a bit of work today and will be getting my feet wet again in coding over the next few days. Get ready to shout to the world :-) Anyone looking to be part of PyraBang.Me - no likes or follows you just share or not... block who you want - or click the DISCORD link and join our chat! ~Vincent
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  • Ticket to Paradise?

    As a #GoE member your job is to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. You're building a society where people do not harm others, cooperate for mutual benefit and develop strong communities which support the individual. In an honor society there can be no alterior motives because people do things for genuine purposes. Does that sound like paradise? If so check out our questions to see if you've got what it takes to join us!

  • Live With Honor

    Today's society is based on money, where generally the most evil and unsavory characters win. To change that, we need to change the fundamentals our world operates on. Instead of worrying about credit scores, our members build a reputation of honor they can eventually take with them all over the world, living free! So who needs money? When you prove your metal in this system, that need becomes obsolete!

  • Basic Survival Coverage

    People in commercial society are struggling with basic needs on a daily basis. As a #GoE member your food, shelter, water, electric, wi-fi and many other ammenities are covered, for life! Doesn't a "Basic Survival Package" make perfect sense? Do you know anyone out there who is searching for one? Tell them to get off the treadmill and spend a fraction of their current expenses on a LIFETIME ticket to paradise!

How Can You Support the #GoE Plan?

  • Tag Us @Twitter!

    Let's stake out some territory in both the #DoingIt and #GoE hash-tags. You can help by adding these tags to related stories and events! Follow us to help improve the reach of people we can educate about this bold new direction for society: Clear off the edge! We don't use automated follow aps at #GoE. We're looking for real people! Are you looking for an honor society? Then we're looking for you!

  • What We Need

    We've thought of a unique way of enabling you to help us to provide a #GoE opportunity for all. Introducing our "Needs List" of things that might be holding up actual forward progress, and also our "Wish List" of things that could really vault us forward a few grades! Wanna see some major upgrades on those videos? If you know what you spent your money on, you'll be a lot more confident in how we use it!

  • Sub our Socials!

    Clearly we are Over the Target! #PatriotCamp Seventeen YouTube Channel is HEAVILY censored. We are also shaddowbanned on Twitter. Connect with us on Linked-In, Minds, Gab and MOST importantly our backup VIDEO channel BitChute! We're also on Twitch and DLive! Each individual who creates accounts at multiple platforms is a censorship WARRIOR and Patriot to the core!

I'm Leaving Civilization,
Wanna Come With Me?

Author: Vince Edwards


You are entering a "Common Sense Zone."

30 years of activism and law research has culminated in this simplified text of how the system really works. Once you're aware of how "the matrix" has you, you'll have the knowledge necessary to free yourself.

Download the pdf book here.

Sunshine and fields of wheat

Our Mission

Create automated systems to grow/raise food, generate power/resources off-grid, so that we can live in abundance. While the rest of the world lives in survival mode, we've got the basics covered! Instead of spinning our heels on a never ending treadmill, our labor consistently increases our quality of life, and the lives of those around us. We can get educated, grow and contribute to a Golden Age!

The old world order is driven by scarcity. By creating abundance, we intend to make that system of financial musical chairs obsolete!

Treasure Map

The Plan

Due to the low cost of "earthship" building and real working knowledge of the law, our overhead is virtually non-existent!

That's why we've decided to FREEZE lifetime memberships at just $2,400 per individual! We want to teach you how to do this, so you can set others free too!

For as low as $200 per month, interest free you can lock in a #GoE membership! Come help us develop the handbook @ #GoE 101, our "flagship" in Blanca, Colorado, or you can reserve your space for a #GoE community coming soon to a remote space near you!

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