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Building a Dream Team (Part 1): How to Overcome Generations of "Divide and Conquer" Programming
Many people you talk to may speak of a society they wish for that is based on spirituality, free-will, non-coersion and honor, however so few are properly raised to be able to inhabit that type of society. If they dared to dream of it, they are almost surely obligated to plan for it and then ultimately burning desire would compel them to implement that plan completely in their lives. Simply put, if you wish to change the world you can do it today. What you do, who you are, how you live and so on IS YOUR WORLD. It is the only one that truly exists for you, so what else really matters?

The American Dream has truly become the American Nightmare for most "US citizens" (like formerly yours truly - duped as well) who were sold this fraud, where in reality they're presumed to be authorized agents of the DBA "government" simply by claiming to be a "resident." Do you know what "resident" means? Are you REALLY SURE of every word you say in a legal setting? Are you sure they are speaking your language or more importantly, are you speaking theirs?

Combine this kind of fraud with a marketing and advertising environment that promotes a feeling of importance, drives the need to be perfect, it's pretty clear why nobody can figure out how to get along. Most people have no idea which end is up, literally speaking. You're not supposed to figure this stuff out. That's why fraud works. It's just like any other con-game only now the artists are in positions of power and give orders to people with guns. This "government" con-game is fraud because it is not something you previously agreed to, although the intent is for the con-artists to legally protected because you can be PRESUMED to have full knowledge of the contract you did not know you entered into. Ultimately 99% of your interaction with "government" is anything but. You are entering into private contracts with all these private FOR-PROFIT companies who have jumped on the "government" fraud bandwagon.

You're not supposed to comprehend this stuff, but you're definitely and for financially beneficial reasons (not to you) supposed to STAND UNDER (understand) this stuff. If all you ever do is ask other people if you need to ask permission for whatever it is you want to do, you're going to get hit with every snake-oil pitch on the planet. That's how money works. If you demand permission people will supply that permission, those who know how the permission system works (by and large you PROBABLY have a right you aren't aware of) can obviously charge a premium price. If they know you have no clue what is going on (because you never ran into someone like me) they know you will pay. A money system attracts the most un-savory characters to be "running" society because there is a HUGE wealth benefit.

There is massive supply of people demanding permission and therefore "government" is growing by leaps and bounds. The fundamental difference between the self-governed and those who have developed the need to be governed is this: Do you KNOW if you NEED permission or NOT?

I believe there should be one "tier" of "government" in our lives. If you do not wish to have anyone govern you, the option exists for you in this system to self-govern. It is a common sense system. When I come onto your property I am subject to your rules. If I violate your rules I am subject to your jurisdiction. This is not a dictatorial relationship. I willingly waive my rights to pull down my pants and run around, spit on your floors, smoke crack or whatever other widely unaccepted practice I may wish to perform, while I am on your property. You agree to do the same. We are talking about a TRUE voluntary society based on the non-aggression principle.

In an honor society where people self-govern, it is my responsibility to make sure that YOUR rules are enforced on myself. If you believe I've broken your rules and I do not wish to make private, peaceful amends you have the option of taking your grievance to our peers in the community who also own property and would like their rules to be followed, but here's where the plan breaks down...

How many people live in a community like that today where you could knock on a few doors and tell the neighbors your situation, ask them to get involved and they agree to help? Is it clear to you in many ways that the dreaded "New World Order" is already here? Who's fault is that?

Enter: The Dream Team

That's what this world is waiting for in your Author's opinion. Yes, it is unfortunate that most people seem to be waiting for something. Most people need an example because they are unable to dream. Most dreams were beaten out of them at a very young age by parents who were way to stressed out to be doing the incredibly important job of raising children.

Now we're all screwed up, exactly according to plan. Most of us have NO goals other than "make enough money to survive" and in that fast-paced cut-throat society everything you believe that is necessary to basic survival has a price. You pay the price or you starve, but is there a third choice available? How can we demonstrate to the world that there is a better way to live for humanity? Is there a better way?

I'd say damn near everyone would agree with me that law should (and is) be reduced down to three basic principles all rolled up into one which was the impetus of this website: Live With Honor. Everyone likes the guy/gal who is always on time and is good for their word. The problem is so few people have that kind of credit rating. Those that don't honor their word also do not generally come out and admit it. Instead they will call YOU a liar. This goes back to that programmed need to perfect, while at the same time they are trained to fight for every last almighty dollar they can get their hands on.

(to be continued...)

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