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Anonymous Interviews the Garden of Eden Community Project!
[Anonymous] Greetings Vincent! On behalf of anons everywhere I'd like to thank you for your tireless commitment to rights and freedom. The GoE project is unique in a few ways from other intentional communities. I'd like to expand on what you've included on the website by asking a few questions. Please respond at your leisure.

What is the "Garden of Eden"?

[Vince Edwards] The Garden of Eden Community project is a way for people to unplug, today with nothing but the shirt on their back if they are fed up with "The Matrix." What people do not understand about the law is that real law is dependent upon the consent of the governed. This is reality in our courts today, if you know how to pull the levers. One of the key benefits in our communities will be a well versed law counsel living in each one who is prepared to handle any attempt by outside forces to violate the rights of our members.

When people think about what they need to survive they generally say "Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter." What they leave out of the equation is Tyranny Deterrence. Today thanks to millions of hours of independent peer to peer law research, we know how to use our PENS to peacefully achieve real freedom. In a real world example, if a public servant wishes to speak with one of our members, they will be unable to do so without a lawful warrant, or of course by the free will consent of the member(s) in question. The #GoE project is fundamentally about redefining the basics of survival as well as making sure those basics are covered.

[Anon] What makes this different from common ways of life?

[V] Everything. Commonly speaking, people shop at Wal-Mart, eat at McDonalds, watch Parrot Press and cheer for team USA. The Garden of Eden Community Project is about creating paradise for everyone, empowering the individual, and replacing everything - literally everything in our lives which was supporting the BEAST system. This includes for most establishing their word of honor and first just understanding the principles of honor and how without it, one can never truly self-govern.

This is the only "job" with a finish line. You can get self-sustained and have your basics covered, leaving labor energy free to improve the quality of your life, or you can stay on the treadmill where life never improves because you're always robbing Peter to pay Paul. Most people do not realize in this crazy backwards debt=credit monetary system Paul cannot get paid without Peter going bankrupt. This is why I frequently state that the FEDERAL SLAVE SYSTEM is a game of musical financial chairs except that it's not very fun to play. Until now you couldn't feasibly opt-out of the game, we didn't know how to do it.

[Anon] What are the primary concepts of this project?

[V] Abundance, teamwork, education (not programming), training in real world skills like growing food and generating power off-grid as well as preparing community leaders to be capable of protecting (through knowledge) an entire community of people. Our primary sales pitch is that we're selling one-way tickets to paradise.

[Anon] Where are you located?

[V] GoE "Flagship One" is located upon 20 Acres with a spectacular view of Colorado's 3rd largest mountain: Mount Blanca. We are roughly 13 miles from the peak - imagine that view on a clear day? "Breathtaking" is a word I hear often from newcomers. Unfortunately, I also get a few complaints about the weather after which most turn tail and head back to commercial society. The great thing about the San Luis Valley IMO is it really weeds out the faint of heart. Commitment, resolve and fortitude is what we need to get this job done.

[Anon] How hard was it for you getting this started?

[V] Impossible without the assistance of others along the way and God Almighty Himself. Shout out to Charles, Donna, Jim, Nate, Dustin, Jurek, Alla, Danielle, Curtis, Sergio, David, Earnest Hancock, InfiniteJest, jtgangus, MuddyMudMan, James Evan Pilato, Angela Stark, my pals in the off-grid SLV group, "Sam I Am" and anyone else I neglected to mention. David my land seller has been awesome, let me slide a few weeks a few times on the payments without any complaints. All around I've been blessed and am really charged POSITIVE about the future for this project and everyone involved. TEASER: We just had a MAJOR windfall our way... will be updating soon. I'll include here just that outside investors are going to have one shot to get in on this. We are likely at the current time fully funded (just gotta cash in a few chips).

[Anon] Why did you decide to do this?

[V] After roughly 16 years discovering there was a problem then a little under 30 years diagnosing the problem I put together the concepts of this solution. Ultimately if you do not have basic survival covered, you are prone to be giving up your rights for security, resources and so fourth. You can basically today get your products and services from a multi-national corporation hell bent on subjecting you to their whims, or you can build a community that produces a few of those products and services. If we get enough diversity in our communities as far as what everyone is working on, the old system becomes obsolete. This is the only way to create real lasting change.

[Anon] If someone wanted to help you or join the Garden of Eden, how would they?

[V] We accept Bitcoin donations through the site. There is a suggested donation of $4.95 per download of my book published back in March titled "I'm Leaving Civilization, Wanna Come With Me?" The book is basically a color-by-numbers explanation of the BEAST system. As you probably have concluded yourself, if people knew what was going on they wouldn't be participating. We have a few free ways people can financially support us such as mining coins, playing the Bitcoin lottery and shopping at Amazon through Purse.

Our current membership price is set at $5,000 and I'm right now in contact with a very talented web developer who may be taking that spot. Stay tuned because the website could get a facelift soon and become quite interactive. Top priorities now are to find knowledgeable bloggers, someone to run the community kitchen and an aquaponics expert. Our "Wish list" of people to plug into this project is posted in the footer of the website. Each item will be linked to a detailed description of who and what we want (soon).

[Anon] Community kitchen, that sounds interesting?

[V] Coming into this project fresh out of the homeless community, I had many ideas about how we could potentially give people a hand-up instead of a hand-out. I'm very interested in teaching people to fish instead of just feeding hungry people. The community kitchen is going to be stocked with lots of homemade meals, buffet style and we're going to feed the neighbors. We don't accept slave notes at the kitchen. You'll need to pay in work credits and then when you need more you can come over anytime to help us build the community. People who want to eat will be learning how to feed themselves by growing/raising their own food. There's no law against feeding your neighbors. The community kitchen will be a foundational cog in the virtually NO-COST set-up of these communities.

[Anon] No cost?

[V] Relatively speaking. I'm glad you asked that because our road map also takes us to remote areas buying the cheapest land possible. There's no need for a #GoE community to be near a mega-tropolis, we'll be producing what we need to survive on site and the neighbors will be our "captive customers" as long as we treat them right.

[Anon] Can one barter with these work credits for anything besides food?

[V] Absolutely. We're looking to replace the current debt-slave system completely. Work credits will be good for all inventory in our barter-marts. The master plan here (muhuhahaha!) is to start these communities in remote areas. Our neighbors become our captive customers because it's way to far to go anywhere else. We won't be trading our stuff for "convenience store" prices however. The barter-mart function is going to serve a very important need: Where do we put all the stuff that is useful, that we don't need/want anymore, instead of a landfill? Since we will have an unlimited supply of work credits, we can create them "out of thin air" as each product/service becomes available for trade. The credits created are backed by whatever inventory was the catalyst of their creation. The "reserve" in this work credit system will be 100%, making "runs on the bank" an obsolete concern.

[Anon] Anything else you would like to add to this conversation that people would want to keep tabs on?

[V] NewsChain. Now this is exciting. The internet helped to allow independent journalists get their information out to the masses. The model however that journalism generally uses to circulate information is to secure advertising money in order to cover the costs of information. We can talk about how the elite own virtually all the prime time media in this country, but the real problem is the SYSTEM of delivery. If you're dependent on advertisers you might need to decide sometimes whether to close your doors or begin censoring/adapting your information to their financial interests.

The other way of financing your independent journalism is direct from your visitors/viewers/listeners. This is the ideal situation when we're talking about a free press. The problem is as I'm sure you're aware, you need thousands of hits in regular traffic before anyone visiting your website coughs up one dime. As a start-up financing option, this is a non-starter. What we need is a way for everyone who supports this or that journalist to be funding them every time they pay a visit, through CPU power. To access part of the chain one must donate a bit of CPU power which is then donated direct to that journalist with NewsChain credits.

With NewsChain, exposing corruption will be like searching for gold except in this case there will be a lot more people striking it rich. "Get this on the chain, we'll make bookoo bucks!" Can you hear it now?

[Anon] I can in fact hear it now Vincent. This sounds like a great way for anons everywhere to make a living getting important news out to the masses. The financing to do that in NewsChain's case would be nothing more than a side-effect of posting information on the chain is that correct? Sort of like an automated free press funding source?

[V] Exactly :-)

[Anon] Well Vincent I very much enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. I'm very excited about the possibilities of this project. It is my hope that anons everywhere will support it and maybe a few will be moving in soon?


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I'm Leaving Civilization,
Wanna Come With Me?

Author: Vince Edwards


You are entering a "Common Sense Zone."

30 years of activism and law research has culminated in this simplified text of how the system really works. Once you're aware of how "the matrix" has you, you'll have the knowledge necessary to free yourself.

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Create automated systems to grow/raise food, generate power/resources off-grid, so that we can live in abundance. While the rest of the world lives in survival mode, we've got the basics covered! Instead of spinning our heels on a never ending treadmill, our labor consistently increases our quality of life, and the lives of those around us. We can get educated, grow and contribute to a Golden Age!

The old world order is driven by scarcity. By creating abundance, we intend to make that system of financial musical chairs obsolete!

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