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Living With Honor - A Frank and Honest Chat
Greetings again and thanks for taking a moment to read this post. I feel this chat completely encompases my feelings about folks who come here, the importance of this mission and my resolve to get this done no matter what obstacles come my way. YOUR biggest obstacle when you come here will unfortunately be ME. I don't mean say that I'm going to do my best to drive you out, I'm saying that just kind of naturally happens because most people are not prepared to deal with me. This conversation is posted unedited w/typos and everything so you can really feel where I'm coming from. I hope you decide to join us after reading this, and if I saved you some aggravation by posting it either way thanks for reading!

[8:49:17 AM] Vincent: Brother just FYI - I suck at dealing with people. Stick with me though and the abundance will come. I never mean to be disrespectful I'm just kinda blunt sometimes. I've been working on my emotional well being (so the elite cannot manipulate me) for a good 20 years or so. WE NEED TO MAKE THIS WORK so grow a thick skin and learn how to tell me to GO FUCK MYSELF sometimes OKAY?

[8:49:35 AM] Vincent: I'm not gonna kick you out - most people just split because they have no backbone.

[8:49:48 AM] Vincent: This is not about YOU or ME....

[8:50:30 AM] Vincent: I get mistaken a lot for shooting from "my ego" I'm just not a sugar coater man. I really need kinda like military types in here so we can literally do a BOOT CAMP to repair people who come here from the SUBJECTIVE state.

[8:50:31 AM] live:doubledwrestling: lol Trust me that will not be a problem, my upbringing forced a shield 3ft thick of skin around me. I want to be apart of the project.

[8:50:44 AM] Vincent: Awesome.

[8:51:20 AM] Vincent: Hate me if you want but lets get this shit done it MUST happen. NYT just called for nationwide gun grabbing btw... scary shit... they are censoring all pro 2A comments as well.

[8:52:03 AM] Vincent: and if you got any feelings that get hurt easily please leave them in mississippi in a swamp somewhere.

[8:52:31 AM] live:doubledwrestling: Solving systems and solving people is an energy labor task, for another time. I think if we lead by example all will follow, others will wake up. I saw that right behind obamas call for assault rifles to be made almost impossible to be acquired.

[8:52:49 AM] live:doubledwrestling: No feelings over here, just a drive to create.
[8:53:37 AM] Vincent: Cool. Check out that video with Derrick Broze that guy is playing our tune. This is what he is talking about - but he things it's going to take years to get here (communites completely separate from the matrix).

[8:53:53 AM] Vincent: Pretty sure we ain't got years.

[8:54:29 AM] Vincent: I'll admit my mistake in a heartbeat if someone points it out and it makes sense to me. I don't care who is right lets just do what's right.

[8:55:34 AM] live:doubledwrestling: Survival is the name of the game. Abundance and creation will come with work and proper planning. Green Houses, Community kitchens, and covalent relationships.

[8:55:50 AM] Vincent: I REALLY want to post this conversation somewhere on the website. People need to hear this from me. I'm FAR from perfect... and I've said many times probably not the best community leader... but there's only one right now and that's unfortunately me. So were stuck with me until someone learns what I know - or someone who knows what I know comes along.

[8:56:11 AM] Vincent: Abundance also brings peace and serenity.

[8:56:45 AM] live:doubledwrestling: Like you said its not about you or the other, its about the project and bringing others to the fold who have honor and value.

[8:56:48 AM] Vincent: I will never throw a punch first. I'm completely non-violent (self defense IMO is not violence)

[8:57:12 AM] Vincent: I do not harm others (even when I was in jail for three months).

[8:58:01 AM] Vincent: Yup exactly. This is good we're having this chat. You're the first guy I've actually chatted with extensively before just showing up here cold and having no idea what to expect.

[8:58:11 AM] live:doubledwrestling: I think this sums up everything what I am currently reading.

[8:58:12 AM] live:doubledwrestling: Inside the computer's world, there is only data. That which is not data, does not exist.

[8:58:27 AM] Vincent: That's what I like about programmers man :)

[8:58:44 AM] live:doubledwrestling: inside are world there is only data, that which is not data doesn't exist.

[8:59:19 AM] live:doubledwrestling: I think that should be in the screening process, one on one conversations.

[8:59:23 AM] Vincent: Yeah maybe we're just ones and zeros in a virtual reality game.

[8:59:35 AM] Vincent: (I'm a one)

[8:59:38 AM] Vincent: hehe

[8:59:51 AM] live:doubledwrestling: lol Ill be zero

[8:59:57 AM] live:doubledwrestling: cant have on with out off

[9:00:09 AM] Vincent: Can I drop this chat in the info room? This is good stuff.

[9:00:17 AM] live:doubledwrestling: do it!


I guess I could use an off button sometimes! Thanks for reading and whatever you decide to do just please consider WHAT you are supporting with your efforts.


~Vince Edwards

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