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A New World Order Is Here – Are You Still Stuck In The Past?
My how technology and our general access to information has improved over the last 50 years on this planet. When it becomes obvious to you that the present political systems which manage our global resources are inadequate, the time comes to make a decision. You can either fight the system or comply, right?

Wrong. That was your old choice. Today after roughly 25 years or so of pretty much open access to a boatload of information, we the people are securing our future freedom. We do not have to wait for that future however. What I'm going to lay out to you in this post are the services that are available to you, if you are ready to choose freedom right now. For ongoing updates regarding this and other liberty topics you can follow our project on twitter.

After two decades of hardcore activism and roughly another 7 years of deep research in the law books, your author can state with confidence that the solutions to issues we face globally, are rooted in our beliefs of where the solutions are going to come from. “Government” as an animal is nothing more than a beast people create to prey on each other, whether they know it or not. A large part of the solution is going to be in your ability to educate yourself and stop lending your attention to these false saviors in “government.”

In a nutshell, the more attention we pay to things we can do to get physically, spiritually and emotionally independent of the “matrix” the less energy we are lending to our own destruction as a race. I feel we have a lot of potential. If everyone reading this post not only forwarded it for it's informational value, but implemented every solution on here (or an alternative) in their lives the world could change almost virtually overnight, historically speaking.


Above all problems this is obviously the most serious one humanity faces. Until recently there was no alternative to this seemingly unstoppable force which operates through fraud, under color of law. The purpose of government, most people would claim, is to be an impartial third party for the purposes of record keeping and things like dispute resolution. Recently is has been made apparent that records are readily tampered with by servants who cannot be trusted, and these poorly trained individuals have epically failed as an organization which could claim to have peaceful resolution of conflict as it's goal.

One other claimed purpose of government is the use of “justified” force. I'm sure most people reading this can find no further justification for the majority of and types of force this “government” monster currently employs. For those in observance of NAP (Non-Aggression-Principle) WE all feel that the necessity of using force, for any reason, is obsolete.


Blockchain technology, invented by an obscure anonymous group or individual going by the moniker of “Satoshi” was originally created to replace the monetary system which will be discussed further below. What the reader needs to get abreast of is this amazing new technology which allows peer to peer, provable, transparent, timestamped record keeping which cannot be altered by any third party. This technology is right now capable of replacing every record keeping function of “government.”

When considering the costs of the “old world order” vs this new one, paying someone an hourly salary to sit in an office, most times being completely unproductive seems like a pretty expensive way to run a society. With blockchain technology local governments all over the planet could save themselves millions locally, trillions globally in “government” payroll. Just imagine what your local community could do with that extra cash?


Next to the mass genocidal nature of the “government” monster the most debilitating disease humanity faces is our current method of trading products and services, most specifically in who controls that medium of exchange. The free market in traditional society has been obliterated by selective regulatory enforcement. Corporations, banks and their attorneys now dictate virtually every facet of our lives to us through this illusory leash, called “money.”

When you go to a store and present these worthless paper “notes” (see Blacks Law, 5th edition) which have no backing and can be diluted at will by those who do virtually NO labor to secure more of them, you are lending your energy to their continued destruction of our standard middle class American way of life. The Federal Slave System was put together in secret, voted in while most of congress was away for the holidays, and gave a group of private bankers the supposed power to print up the nation's money supply, backed by nothing, and then loan it back to us at face value, at interest. I know I just said a mouthful there but it's important that you comprehend every word of that last sentence.

For those of you who want me to skip the techno-babble: You are giving up more of your freedom every time you spend a dollar bill. The current debt-slave monetary system was designed to bankrupt America just in time for us all to be introduced to this wonderful “New World Order” that's been planned thousands of years.


Currently an average of 50-70 million dollars is trading hands in a new form of money called “crypto-currency.” Bitcoin is by far the most popular and the most frequently traded of them all. 4 years ago one Bitcoin was worth roughly 70 cents, today one Bitcoin sells for over $450! At one time during it's “irrational exuberance” phase, a Bitcoin was selling for over $1,300! Bitcoin, and roughly 600 other currencies like it are based on a transparent method of confirming transactions over a global network of computers. Each “node” then records a timestamp as well as the transaction details. Timestamps prevent past records from being modified. With each transaction confirmed by an average of thousands of different nodes (or computers), the possibilities for any type of fraud are virtually non-existent.

Using dollars and banks to do business is expensive. Most people understand the costs involved in that old world debt-slave system so there is no need to get into that in this article. What the reader needs to know is how much real money can be saved by doing business with crypto-currency. Instead of all the hassle which comes with opening up a bank account, an individual can download a Bitcoin wallet and create an account (in the form of a Bitcoin address) to do business in about 10 minutes. Not only that, but unlimited numbers of accounts can be created at will.

Privacy of their money is on the minds of most readers when they think about banking in general. Do you really want some unknown third party (potentially an unlimited number of them) knowing everything that you do and buy through your debit card? I think the point is clear. Bitcoin is even now approaching worldwide acceptance with the new Coinbase Visa debit card. There really is no excuse to not be upgrading to the people's money, today.


It should be redundant to even be bringing up this topic, but unfortunately most of the general population has been dumbed down enough so that they think their food comes from Wal-Mart. There are millions of people protesting the likes of Monsanto and the FDA. Many readers might already know that Monsanto now runs the FDA, so the notion that this organization could produce anything that would be healthy to consumers is completely ludicrous. The only thing missing in this equation is that most people just don't keep up with the news. The point of this post is not to pick on Monsanto specifically, it is to pull back the veil which makes people think these “government agencies” swimming in corporate legal bribes are even designed to protect the food supply.


You can get your food from a corporation, or you can start growing and raising some food in order to help stem the lack of independence our race has experienced. It's amazing how so many people think I'm doing something revolutionary or impressive here at #GoE Flagship Blanca. I find it to be something every human being should be taught just shortly after walking. Instead of marching and protesting against corporate lobbyist truckloads of cash, why not just stick a seed in the ground and water it regularly?

With aquaponics, RMH heating technology, intelligent composting, LED lighting and so many extremely low cost ways to set up your grow systems, the only thing people are missing again is this: Education. Too many people are trapped in the con-game where they are led to believe acquiring money will somehow help them achieve their freedom. I'm shocked at how many people still believe in today's economic environment a “job” provides any hope of resource (otherwise known as financial) security, which is a perfect lead-in to our next topic.


Every time I think I can't be shocked again, I'm shocked some more. The current media drumbeat regarding ISIS and gun control is a complete contradiction in logic. Most readers in the know are aware that ISIS is nothing more than a CIA funded “boogey man” which provides “the problem” that a “solution” has already been designed to address. Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset known as Tim Osman who was put into place in Afghanistan in the '80s to radicalize the Mujahadeen, in order to kick out the Soviets. He was killed in 2001 in Tora Bora, confirmed by 7 different world leaders. He was not killed by Obama and Company in 2010 as the major media would like you to now believe. They kept this dead man alive for nearly 10 years in order to scare the American public into submission.

What I can't figure out is how stupid the “powers that shouldn't be” are to think that armed crazies running around on our soil shooting random people is going to make anyone want to give up their guns? Anyone who has actually thought this through realizes that cops can't be anywhere, and even if they were we couldn't afford it. Members of “law enforcement” are running an incredibly profitable scam: Making you think they can protect you when in almost every case they are just there to clean up the mess. There is another word for that. It's called “janitor.”

Corporations such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AT&T, Verizon and others have been caught red handed colluding with the “government” monster rather than standing up to it. Your privacy is gone if you are volunteering your use to these services. You may think you have nothing to hide, but how many people are employed just because they are needed to thumb through all of your supposedly private online activity? If you go dark with alternatives such as Unseen for chat and video conferencing you're saving the public quite a bit of cash. Let's face it, our servants have never caught a terrorist by having all that access anyway.


Often not discussed in the security debate is your potential to have the support of your neighbors. Most people do not know who lives next to them. Often times a serial killer is described as “quiet, kept to himself” while seeming perfectly normal to everyone around them. Do you know your neighbors? We've been trained in this society not to look for a community to live in, but just find a place to survive. Most of us are alone in this fight for freedom, surrounded by ignorance and people who will not have a clue what to do when the time comes.

Your author may have a bias in this department and many others from above. What we are setting up here at the Garden of Eden Community Project is a way for people to unplug today, with virtually no preparation, from “the matrix.” What we're looking for are honorable individuals who are willing to support the freedom and rights of their neighbors. I implore you to check out our ideas and concepts for living completely outside “the system.” One of our key benefits is not just training in law and defending your rights peacefully, but you will actually be living with counsel who is available to speak on your behalf 24 hours per day.

The only thing which can protect you from someone who wants to harm you is preparation, instinct and the tools with which to defend yourself. Since a gun is the most convenient tool for this purpose, lightweight, easy to handle, it makes no sense to not have one around just in case. What if you need to turn a screw? You have a screwdriver around don't you? Aside from you physically having to defend yourself, the community you choose to live in can play a large part in your security plan.


If you have a child in public school, you are living with an unpaid government informant hell bent on making sure you are exposed as the awful parent the “government” monster wants to paint you to be. A dictatorship or oligarchy requires servants who will obey orders without question. Public school is designed to train your children to be just that, unquestioning servants of their power-mad aims. I could get into plenty of reasons to yank your kids straight out of school but here's a good one: They aren't learning anything they can't learn at home on the internet.


Home schooling is no longer a chore. There are online courses which can fast-forward your child's learning in civics, math, science and many other topics. Many questions can be asked and answered with a simple internet search. Yes there is a lot of “garbage” on the internet but isn't there basically a lot of “garbage” in every day life? Doing research on the internet builds a natural ability to decipher the BS from the actual truths. If you want your children to think outside the box, pull them out of public school. If you want them to be good soldiers, well?

Most of us were told “no” so often while being raised we are incredibly well conditioned to ask permission for everything. Maybe you and I should grant our children a few rights to exercise while they're learning to make their way? What I mean is there are some things our kids should be able to do without asking, because they know they have a right to do so, based upon the grounds they aren't harming anyone else.
Your author believes in a more “autopilot” method of learning. If my child comes to me with a question, instead of answering it I can teach them how to go find the answer. Now we are teaching our kids to fish. Why can't that be the answer to almost all of their questions?

I'm Leaving Civilization,
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