Community Plan

First wave memberships are $2,400 and will likely remain as such for the foreseeable future. Each community leader will be able to select from a pool (potentially with resumes) of people who have pledged 12 interest-free payments of $200 towards the creation and prosperity of a #GoE closest to the prospective new members. As each community grows and adds amenities, memberships increase in value. It's up to each community leader to decide the price of their community memberships, as well as ultimately the qualifications, strongly influenced of course by the reputation of our community network.

Based on a theory that you can't change people, our first community will be comprised of those who were designed for this mission. If you are chosen to be part of "The Dream Team" you will be an example of honor, and also an example of the treasures in life that honor can reap. What we will sow with these treasures is a desire to increase one's quality of life, not by gaining as much money as one can achieve, but by "honoring thy neighbor" and gaining priceless benefits like real faith, trust, friendship and even family!

Community Kitchen: We are hot on the look-out for someone who would like to help feed the neighborhood with the best meals for the most unheard of compensation: Work credits. There is no law against having the neighbors over for dinner, and if all they need to do is a few hours labor per week to get a home cooked meal every day you'll find your community growing like a weed!

Are you interested in becoming a community leader? Have you mastered the rules of honor? If so please Reserve Your Ticket and comment on your interest in helping us bring another piece of Heaven back down to Mother Earth! Note: There will be an intensive, grueling honor quiz!

I'm Leaving Civilization,
Wanna Come With Me?

Author: Vince Edwards


You are entering a "Common Sense Zone."

30 years of activism and law research has culminated in this simplified text of how the system really works. Once you're aware of how "the matrix" has you, you'll have the knowledge necessary to free yourself.

Download the pdf book here.

Sunshine and fields of wheat

Our Mission

Create automated systems to grow/raise food, generate power/resources off-grid, so that we can live in abundance. While the rest of the world lives in survival mode, we've got the basics covered! Instead of spinning our heels on a never ending treadmill, our labor consistently increases our quality of life, and the lives of those around us. We can get educated, grow and contribute to a Golden Age!

The old world order is driven by scarcity. By creating abundance, we intend to make that system of financial musical chairs obsolete!

Treasure Map

The Plan

Due to the low cost of "earthship" building and real working knowledge of the law, our overhead is virtually non-existent!

That's why we've decided to FREEZE lifetime memberships at just $2,400 per individual! We want to teach you how to do this, so you can set others free too!

For as low as $200 per month, interest free you can lock in a #GoE membership! Come help us develop the handbook @ #GoE 101, our "flagship" in Blanca, Colorado, or you can reserve your space for a #GoE community coming soon to a remote space near you!

Video/Audio Updates