What is a #GoE Membership?

The goal of the Garden of Eden Community Project is to give people an option to "unplug" from the matrix today, without preparation, planning or even skills! Everyone is welcome! We will train anyone who remains willing, and we are very patient people. As long as we all get along, everything is free!

Explaining the benefits of a #GoE membership is quite simple. For starters: Basic survival is covered, for life! While the rest of society remains on the treadmill with their quality of life never improving, every ounce of labor energy is invested into your quality of your life, and the lives of those around you. This is the only job with a finish line!

A #GoE membership is easily affordable for just about anyone looking to streamline their lives. Imagine buying a home on a one year mortgage with $200 per month interest free payments? How about moving into a place where everyone works for you? There are even ways to earn some extra cash if you're willing to put in the elbow grease! Once paid off either by lump sum or otherwise (barters welcome), you're free! You've probably got the keys to the Kingdom collecting dust in a storage somewhere!

Before the question could be answered we had to explain the how. A #GoE membership is quite frankly a "ticket to paradise!" This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a few honorable people who can see the diamond in the rough we're fixing to polish!

What is included in the membership?

Short answer: Life's basic necessities. In more detail: Shelter (on entry, a warm bunk then later a HOME), food (that we produce), water, high-speed wi-fi, electric, and even cash opportunites while "money" remains valuable. While members are required to serve the community in a productive way for at least 16 hours per week, there is no requirement to get involved in our day to day activities.

What kinds of Activities?

Currently we sell veggies and seedlings at a main highway intersection in Fort Garland, Colorado seasonally on the weekends. You're welcome to train for one of our three upcoming locations. The season is right now gearing up! (seedling video to be uploaded soon).

There is an abundance of uncut gemstone such as jade, opal and many agate stones that are already polished, just lying on the ground out here. Any jewlers out there? Imagine having all the raw material you could work with, available free on-site?

Next up on our dig-out list is the workshop. Current available tools: 12" chop, Rigid folding tablesaw, router, drills, hand tools of all kinds. Many tools to be added for our members to create products for trade shows, farmers markets and other free-market gatherings, and also to barter with the greater community.

We plan on making our own peanut butter, coffee, honey, fishing worms, wind turbines and many other products that produce great barter items for the members and increase the quality of life in our community.

Barter Markets: What if everything that was useful, instead of going into a landfill was actually organized, categorized and available for anyone else to browse through? There is an abundance of "free money" out there just lying on the road sometimes, a screw, a few nails in some wood, other types of hardware etc. Our bart-marts will be jam packed with virtually free inventory the neighborhood can have access to through their work credits, and imagine how squeeky clean the world will be once this system is fully implemented?

Last but not least in importance to accomplish: The community kitchen. Our neighbors will be able to eat home-style buffet meals in our community kitchen. They'll pay in work credits. This is a key cog in our machine that will rebuild the world for us! These neighbors can earn unlimited amounts of work credits helping us build our core community, which supports the greater one.

What if I decided to leave?

As long as you've remained in honor with your community you will be able to sell-off your membership, which includes whatever you've physically created at your current location (minus "public" spaces), for whatever the going rate may be. Proceeds are split 50/50 with the community upon departure. In most cases we're talking about a fully furnished home with all the ammenities. What's that worth? Not a bad return on a few $200 payments while dumping ALL your other bills?

The honor benefit: Once you've established a track record of reliability (what's truly valuable) in our system, otherwise known as "trust" you'll be able to write your own ticket here! As an organizer, the most difficult task is vetting new members. A proven member will have a "blank-check" in this honor system to go anywhere in the world where a #GoE community is likely looking for help!

What is expected of me?

You must follow the rules of honor: Do not harm others, do not steal, do not commit fraud. These three laws we live by can be rolled up into one simple mantra: "Live With Honor." The chosen few who begin this journey of "self-salvation," know that in order to self-govern one must live with honor, to do otherwise invites third parties into our dealings to sort out the mess. You can govern yourself or you will be governed, regardless of how well you know the law!

In the military, soldiers are willing to subject themselves to the most vile treatment human beings have ever experienced in order to learn discipline. In America a "free country" however, we're supposed to be learning self-discipline! The only way to be free is to put our noses to the grind-stone and create long term solutions for our basic needs that can self-replicate, without consistent trips to the grocery stores, banks and gas pumps!

With self-discipline in tow, one can comprehend the VALUE of honor and thus, willingly subject themselves to one simple law which can govern all others, while making life exponentially more simple: Live With Honor! Instead of having a boss and having to follow orders, #GoE members cross jobs off the list! We make sure they get handled! An honor society runs on auto-pilot. That's a stress-free environment, and another reason we feel justified in offering a "ticket to paradise!"

What do I do when I get there?

It is strongly suggested that new prospective members take a one week vacation upon arrival. You deserve it! You've survived this long in the money system, congratulations! We want you to relax, but also pay attention. Listen carefully and grasp the entire concept of what we're doing and by the way, here's the plan to achieve it!

The most important thing you can do while you observe our operations is figure out how you can plug in. Anyone can dig a hole, gather wood, water plants, do dishes and things like that. The self-sustained life, at least when getting started, is hard work! Anything you can do to lighten the load of other members is going to be greatly appreciated, and we'll be happy to have you around!

Escape the Matrix!

Are you all warmed up? Ready to give it a shot? Give us a call at our flagship location in Blanca, Colorado. The organizer, Vince Edwards (Author: "I'm Leaving Civilization" and project founder) can be reached @ 719-580-6406. Join us in our skype information room by adding "vinceableworld" to your contacts and say "I want in!" You can follow the project on twitter, and UnSeen members can reach us @gardenofeden.

If you're not interested in moving to Colorado, you can reserve your ticket here. Once the demand exceeds the start-up cost of a new community in a certain location, all that's left is to pick someone to organize it. Could that be you?

I'm Leaving Civilization,
Wanna Come With Me?

Author: Vince Edwards


You are entering a "Common Sense Zone."

30 years of activism and law research has culminated in this simplified text of how the system really works. Once you're aware of how "the matrix" has you, you'll have the knowledge necessary to free yourself.

Download the pdf book here.

Sunshine and fields of wheat

Our Mission

Create automated systems to grow/raise food, generate power/resources off-grid, so that we can live in abundance. While the rest of the world lives in survival mode, we've got the basics covered! Instead of spinning our heels on a never ending treadmill, our labor consistently increases our quality of life, and the lives of those around us. We can get educated, grow and contribute to a Golden Age!

The old world order is driven by scarcity. By creating abundance, we intend to make that system of financial musical chairs obsolete!

Treasure Map

The Plan

Due to the low cost of "earthship" building and real working knowledge of the law, our overhead is virtually non-existent!

That's why we've decided to FREEZE lifetime memberships at just $2,400 per individual! We want to teach you how to do this, so you can set others free too!

For as low as $200 per month, interest free you can lock in a #GoE membership! Come help us develop the handbook @ #GoE 101, our "flagship" in Blanca, Colorado, or you can reserve your space for a #GoE community coming soon to a remote space near you!

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